Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pet Peeve

Recently, I encountered somebody who exhibited one of my pet peeves through and through. This person thinks that others should not SMS them at unearthly hours of the day, e.g. 6am, when he/she is sleeping. If you're talking about phone calls, then I think it is completely reasonable to be pissed with people who call you at unearthly hours of the day (except if you're on overnight duty or you're late for an event - then hoho! others ought to be pissed at you instead!)

However, I find the idea of expecting others to refrain from SMS-ing at unearthly hours of the day completely ridiculous, especially since the very purpose of using SMS is so as not to disturb that person and allow for the person to respond as and when it is convenient. Granted that the function of SMS has changed over time, but that is still the main function of SMS.

These sort of people list many excuses why they need to have their phones on. E.g.:
  1. I might forget to switch it on in the morning
  2. I forgot to switch it off at night
  3. I need to receive important calls 
  4. It's just not my habit to switch it off while I'm sleeping

Frankly, I don't care what reasons you give because:

  1. If you forget to switch on/off, it seriously is none of our business. How do you like it if your co-worker forgets to check his/her email or something and then later on blame you for not telling him/her about the issue? 
  2. If you want to receive important calls but not be disturbed by SMSes, you can do something about it in your settings - some phones allow you to create settings (e.g. silent SMS, but still allowing phone to ring on calls) which you can easily select with a few presses. If your phone does not allow you to do so, and you say you are too lazy to go through the whole process everyday, then don't make excuses for your laziness and complain when others SMS you during inconvenient times.
  3. Others really do not care what your personal habits are because their world do not revolve around yours
  4. If you're irritated by your phone going off while you're sleeping, then just switch it off! Chances are, there will be no important calls or SMSes coming in during that time and you wouldn't be bothered enough to read it, anyway!

And if you think that I am going to make an effort to remember what time you are awake so that I can decide what time to SMS you, sorry, but my world does not revolve around you.

It's your phone and your life, for goodness' sake, not ours!

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