Saturday, June 12, 2010


I turn 24 years old in 3 months & 18 days.
I have no well-paying job to speak of, no boyfriend, no suitors, hardly any social life, no car and no savings of my own.

On the bright side, I have a roof over my head, parents, siblings, a university education, computer, internet, food, water, clothing, shoes and a job (though a low-paying one, which hopefully will create a big opportunity for me in the near future). Oh I also have a collection of books, a bed to read my books on and membership in my secondary school alumni band. I also have a few pretty amazing friends (although their progress in life makes me feel lousy by comparison, BUT they're still good friends! Haha!)

I also happen to be very stubborn, very egoistic and too sensitive all at once.

Yar, this is so blatantly an advertisement.
So does anybody wants to date this girl or not?

I feel like a billboard advertisement with arrows framed by neon lightings pointing at me, saying "DATE ME! DATE ME!"
Only that the neon lights are not working. Yar, that's basically how I feel.

OK, off to Penang.

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