Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sis: I will wake up early tomorrow at 5am and run away from home!
Me: Can you even wake up?
Sis: I will set alarm clock!
Me: Yar, then everybody will wake up too.
Sis: Mummy will say "Olivia! Wake up!" and then go back to sleep.
Me: Then you will say, "Mmm... A while more" and go back to sleep. And by the time you wake up, everybody will be gone.
Me: .... ....
Me: What a good idea.

Me: You won't have enough money.
Sis: I will call and ask papa for money. I will stay in a hotel...
Me: Hotel!
Sis: .... Hostel... University hostel.
Me: Very expensive too! You think it is very cheap?
Sis: Yar, very cheap!
Me: $1,000 per month leh! (exaggerating)
Sis: Yar, very cheap what!
Me: .... ....


roticv said...

hey. i somehow managed to land here and would just like to say that i totally understand the loneliness that you are talking about. and of course the jealousy. i'm single too (for a long long time). personally i feel that i have grown up a lot since my youth. i am less bothered about this loneliness these days because i have been too busy. keeping yourself busy doing things that you love is the way to go. please do not be too caught up with life plans and so on. i don't plan for things because i don't think it is possible to plan for everything.

and so i wish you all the best. may you meet the person that you will learn to love and may the person reciprocate.

tstar said...

aww, thank you for the message & advice. It made me feel better! Ok, I will try my best to concentrate on keeping myself busy. Gotta agree that keeping myself busy doing things that I like is the way to go.

And all the best to you too!