Friday, September 25, 2009

Mixing music from different cultures

Sometimes mixing Western and Asian instruments sounds... weird, in a good way.

One is straight and in-tune (according to Western standards), going on its own path while the other goes round and round, twisting around, almost like a woman dancing and flipping her hair (because the ends of a note or phrase goes up or down or "out-of-tune") around the man doing his moves in the middle of an imaginary circle.

Hmm, yes, that's how it sounds like to me. This particular piece, that is:

Mind you, I don't usually like a combination of Western and Asian instruments because they are usually not tastefully done. This piece, however, I thought it is wonderfully done. Having different instruments play same (or different rhythms) at the same time, does not equate an integration of East and West. Music which does not bring out the "flavour" of the instrument... I don't wish to listen to it, thank you very much.

I know we all have different ideas of what sort of music is alright or good (depending on what soothes your soul, or depending on the amount of money one can make). You are entitled to your own opinion but this is what I think and I doubt it is likely to change anytime soon.


Siti said...

I love his works! They're so simple, and yet so complex. So beautiful.

tstar said...

glad you like it too!